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Japan (日本, Nippon/Nihon, literally "the origin of the sun") is a country east of the Asian continent on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean. It is comprised of a chain of islands. The largest of the islands (known as the Home Islands) are, from north to south, Hokkaido (北海道), Honshu (本州, the largest island), Shikoku (四国), and Kyushu (九州). A number of smaller islands immediately surround these four, as well as one outlying group of small islands well to the south including Okinawa.

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Kurashiki: Kansas City's Sister City

In 1972, Kansas City, Missouri and Kurashiki, Okayama (Japan) became sister cities. These two cities have a lot in common. Every summer, high school students from Kurashiki visit Kansas City and students from the Kansas City area visit Kurashiki. Read more about this lovely city by following the links below.

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Ohara Museum of Art in Kurashiki

Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts

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